Exhition at the Bibbern Gallery, The Exchange, Sturminster Newton

This selection of images, produced over the last 3 years, explores some new techniques.  The images also reflect my travels over this period, as well as my constant search closer to home.  I hope that you enjoy these latest offerings and invite your comments:  john@eyectaching-art.co.uk

‘Eye-catching Art’ is the work of John Goodman, who has lived in Dorset for much of his life.  The natural world, together with the built environment, both contemporary and old, new and in decline, has been a major source of inspiration.

The pictures included in this collection have all been produced from images captured photographically.  Then one or more images are combined to create montages or landscapes, in both retro and bold modern styles.  The images have all been digitally enhanced using various graphic processes and the majority of the finished works are reproduced using Fine Art paper with a watercolour texture.


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